Elizabeth Farnsworth

The Filmmakers


Elizabeth Farnsworth was chief correspondent and principal substitute anchor of The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer from 1995-2000. She then became a senior correspondent, reporting mostly from overseas. She now free-lances for The NewsHour and makes documentaries. In recent years, she has reported from Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt, Israel, the West Bank, Gaza, Chile, Haiti and Vietnam. Her 2001 four-part series on the AIDS crisis in Botswana and Malawi (produced by Joanne Elgart) received the 2001 Silver World Medal from the New York Festivals and a national Emmy nomination. Her documentary Thanh’s War (co-directed with John Knoop), which aired on PBS in 1991, garnered a CINE Golden Eagle and an Asian-American Journalists Association award. The Gospel and Guatemala (co-produced with Stephen Talbot), which aired on PBS in 1983, won a San Francisco International Film Festival Golden Gate Award. Her writings have appeared in Foreign Policy, World Policy Journal, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Nation, Mother Jones and other publications. She has lived in Peru and Chile and has a Master’s Degree in Latin American History from Stanford University. Farnsworth was assistant producer of Que Hacer? a feature film set during the Chilean election campaign of 1970, and she has followed Chile closely ever since.

Patricio Lanfranco Leverton


Patricio Lanfranco Leverton, a Chilean citizen living in Santiago, Chile, has been an independent researcher and producer for two decades. His work on the ground in Chile has been invaluable to television and radio news organizations from around the globe. He has produced reports for the BBC including one that featured the first live interview with Chilean President Ricardo Lagos. Lanfranco assisted in the production of feature stories, which aired on PBS’ The NewsHour, on the impact in Chile of Pinochet’s arrest. He has coordinated and produced for the Australian Broadcasting Company’s flagship news program Foreign Correspondent. His Chilean television series, Chronicles of an Imaginary Region, won the National Television Council Award, in 2003.

RICHARD PEARCE, Executive Producer

Richard Pearce began his professional career in the late 1960’s as a cinematographer and his credits include three Oscar-winning documentaries, Woodstock, Marjoe, and Interviews with My Lai Veterans. His final project before moving into directing fiction films was the Academy Award winning Vietnam War feature documentary Hearts and Minds, directed by Peter Davis. Pearce made his directorial debut with the period drama Heartland that earned the Golden Bear or grand prize at the Berlin Film Festival and opened the New York Film Festival’s first look at “American Independents” in 1981. Other films of Pearce’s include Country which brought Jessica Lange an Academy Award nomination; the highly praised racially charged drama The Long Walk Home pairing Whoopi Goldberg and Sissy Spacek; Leap of Faith with Steve Martin, Deborah Winger, and Liam Neeson; No Mercy starring Richard Gere and Kim Bassinger; and A Family Thing with Robert Duvall and James Earl Jones. Recently Pearce returned to making documentaries when he was invited to direct one of the seven films for Martin Scorsese’s series on the Blues shown on PBS. His contribution, entitled The Road to Memphis, premiered at the Venice Film Festival and is currently playing to theatrical audiences in Europe, England and Australia.


Blair Gershkow is an editor with credits on all the major broadcast networks including PBS’ The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, ABC’s Good Morning America and Nightline, NBC’s Dateline, and CBS’ 60 Minutes. Gershkow edited Silicon Valley: The New Gold Rush for CNN and Fox 25 -- which won a national Emmy for ABC’s Nightline. He recently completed a 4-part series, Keeping Score: MTT on Music, for the San Francisco Symphony, which aired nationally on PBS. He has received four Emmys for his work.


Andrés Cediel is the producer of Shellmound, a documentary film about Native American burial desecration in California. Cediel has also produced pieces on refugees of violence in Colombia and environmental justice in Ecuador. He is a Master Video Teacher in KQED-TV’s Education Network, and was awarded a Visual Arts Fellowship by Arts Council Silicon Valley for 2007.

ROB WEISS, Coordinating Producer

Rob Weiss has been an editor and/or producer for ABC’s Good Morning America, ABC News, WGBH-Boston, Oprah, CNN, The Discovery Channel, The Disney Channel and The Learning Channel among others. He is also a founder and the Chief Financial Officer of West Wind Productions, a non-profit 501(c)(3) film production corporation.